And so it begins…

I am starting a new blog as my other one just got forgotten about and I was bored with it. So hello how are you? Just to start with I thought I’d share a few collages of mine as I still put t…

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You know when your trying to figure it out.


You know when your looking out the window trying to figure out where you want to go in life.
Where you want to live!
What you want to do to earn a crust!
Etc etc etc…..

Sigh if money was no object.
Firstly my boys would both have 100% health and happiness, sadly no amount of money can buy this as far as I know. 
We would be somewhere warm all year round, in a big one storey house with a massive garden for the boys. I would be painting, doing ceramics and yoga in my own little studio attached to the house.
My husband would be doing his sculpture and writing childrens book which I know he has a huge talent for.
One day.

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The Sun is out the snow has gone.


Well I must say even though it is magical, beautiful and lots of fun I am glad the snow has gone. I am looking forward to warmer weather and getting out in the garden planting some flowers. Have a endless list of things I want to do from getting back into my running to building a kiln to do some raku. Let’s hope I can get a few of these things crossed off soon and hope for a long lushious love and laughter filled summer.

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